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With the growing demand for new and innovative casino games, online casinos such as Spin Palace Casino has collaborated with some of the leading online software providers such as Microgaming. Although the online gaming industry was only developed in recent years, its growth rate has expanded resulting with the constant need of up to date and more entertaining games. This is where the pokies come in. The main reason as to why play pokies online is provided within the games themselves. Players from all over the world have a twenty four hour access to some of the most entertaining and rewarding games in the industry without the need to travel to land based casinos in order to obtain high wins.

In the case of the Microgaming pokies, these would have to be by far the most commonly used pokies within a large variety of online casinos. Party Casino and 888 Casino are also among the few online casinos which have utilised the Microgaming pokies at some point in time. In fact is the Microgaming pokies such as the ability to play Mega Moolah and Major Millions that causes players to constantly return to them and keep playing. These Microgaming pokies are only a couple of the most popular of this online pokie provider. The reason for this is due to the fact that these are some of the leading progressive jackpot pokies in the industry. Each progressive jackpot of the Microgaming pokies will constantly increase due to the fact that a small percentage of players’ actual bets are added to this amount. But this is not all that the Microgaming pokies have to offer.

The Microgaming pokies’ main objective is to ensure that all their players are both entertained and can reap their rewards in a small amount of time. Such is the case, that they have utilised state of the art software, graphics and sounds that complement the Microgaming slots in every which way. In fact, one of the latest of the Microgaming pokies is that of battlestar Galactica which is based on the popular hit TV show. In this of the many Microgaming pokies, players will get to interact with the characters within the series within its reels as well as play for wins which can be triggered and activated through a whole series of special features. Among these are included the wild substitutions, the wild stacks, the free spins and off the reel bonus games. Other Microgaming slots are also based on some popular movies such as the Dark Knight, Hellboy and many more. But players need not take our word for it as Microgaming pokies are also offered in free virtual mode allowing for players to simply click on them and try them out for the first time.

This will give the players the experience which these pokies have to offer without the need of committing to real money play immediately. In fact there are some online casinos that would require their players to create and log into an account before they can gain access to the Microgaming pokies’ fun play. When this occurs, players can simply select the game of their desire and this will open up immediately with a substantial amount of free credit. But another factor which would need to be taken into consideration before playing the Microgaming pokies and that is that there may be some which will require a certain amount of additional software download. The reason for this is for the simple reason that there is a certain amount of software which is not supported by all computers. By downloading what is required, players will then be able to gain the full access to all Microgaming pokies with no disruptions.

As one begins to play the Microgaming pokies, they will begin to realise that not only do these games offer entertainment and fantastic rewards, but they also provide a just and honest form of game play. The reason for this is because all Microgaming pokies utilise a mechanism referred to as RNG (Random Number Generator). As soon as any player enters to play pokies online, this mechanism will automatically be triggered to ensure that all results are randomly selected and no manipulation of any kind can take place from the casino, provider or the players themselves. This forms only a small sections of the honest that these Microgaming pokies have to offer. Other implementations have also been set to ensure that the gaming history of each of the Microgaming pokies is made available to the players whenever they log into their accounts.

In order to make this more accessible players need simply enter their account, click on the game which they would otherwise already downloaded beforehand and the casino game history is readily available for whenever they desire. In fact when players are ready play any of the Microgaming pokies in real mode, they would need to select from a series of coin values with which they would want to bet with. Most Microgaming pokies are divided between three main categories of games; the video slots, the classic slots and the jackpot slots. The classic slots are based on a more simple form of pokie which has an average of three reels and a few bet lines. These require simple commands in order to set the reels rolling and more often than not include a minimal amount of additional features. On the other hand, the Microgaming pokies which come in the form of video slots comprise of an average of five reels and up to two hundred and forty three bet ways in some.

These are the ones which are the most commonly played pokies by Microgaming and can therefore offer their players a vast range of features. Finally the jackpot slots are the ones which were mentioned earlier as having the progressive jackpots such as in the case of Major Millions. Their feature include those similar to the video slots but have that added large amount of wins which can be obtained at any given moment by any player no matter where they are located.