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Netent is one of the leading online pokies providers in the industry having created and developed games enabling players to play Scarface, Boom Brothers and Mega Joker just to mention a few. Thanks to the collaboration Netent has with a series of online casinos which can be found anywhere around the world, they are able to allow players to play pokies online in either free or real mode. But the most important factor that makes these pokies so popular and sought after is the fact that they provide variations of these pokies comprising of different themes and features which cannot be found anywhere else.

Netent pokies can come in two main variations ranging between classic slots and video slots. The Netent pokies which are presented as standard classic slots are based on the fruit machines which were first introduced in casinos in the nineteenth century. Having adapted these Netent pokies to suit online player they are presented in the same fruit machine-like fashion only that instead of a handle to spin, players are provided with various online clickable options. Among the symbols which one may expect to find among these Netent pokies include lemons, liberty bells, cherries, watermelons and jokers. In fact, although these Netent pokies do not present as many additional features as the video slots, they more often come with a progressive jackpot which can be won at any given moment. On the other hand, the Netent pokies which are classified as video slots, utilise a higher grade of animation, graphics and sound effects which allow the player to interact with the characters and symbols within their reels.

Taking for example one of the most popular of the Netent pokies in this form, Broom Brothers gives players the chance to play online casino pokies with a twist. As this is a video slot based on the theme of three dwarf brothers whose main goal is to blast through mines in search of precious stones, players who play Boom Brothers will also be playing in search of such stones and bonus amounts. Such is the case that whenever one of these dwarf brothers animatedly appear during the spin of its reels, they will interact with the player and entertain him at the same time. But this is not all that the Netent pokies have to offer their played. Aside the fact that each one of the Netent pokies is original in its own right, players have the chance of winning large sums through the play of their very special features. Each one of these features of the Netent pokies has been adapted to complement its theme.

There are wins which can take place in the form of wild substitutions, scatter wins, free spins, bonus wins and of course mini off the reel Netent pokies’ games. The Netent pokies’ wild symbols will tend to substitute all symbols apart from the scatter symbols no matter where they are located within the reels. The scatter symbols within these Netent pokies may also appear at any given time. And although they produce wins at a higher multiplier, they also may enable players to activate a series of free spins. Each of the Netent pokies’ free spins is then played at the bet level and bet lines selected by the player for the spin which activated the free spins in the first place.

While finally the mini off the reel bonus games which are presented in some of these Netent pokies can be activated through a series of bet lines which will divert the player to a separate screen to play some of the original games imaginable. These may vary between head or tails, mix and match, luck of the draw, killing vampires or even pretending to be Tony Montana himself in Scarface. Either way, players of these Netent pokies is guaranteed a high possibility of winning large sums.

A great advantage pokies online have to offer, including those of the Netent pokies, is the ability to try out some of their games for free. In this manner players will be able to better acquaint themselves with some of their latest features and method of play without needing to commit to their actual money balances. All this is made possible due to the fact that Netent pokies do not require players to download any additional software as they are played instantly via the internet. All that is needed from the players’ side is a internet access, a web browser and an open mind. Then, with one swift click of the mouse, the Netent pokies will automatically and immediately open up with a substantial amount of free credit at their disposal.

The player can then take advantage of this credit and play in any which way imaginable in order to obtain and practice all the features available within these Netent pokies. Then, when it comes time to play pokies online in real mode, the player will know exactly what to expect and how to expect it. In fact other options have also been utilised in providing players a much easier and faster method of play of these Netent pokies; auto play and max bet.

In order for anyone to win the highest possible wins, they would need to bet the highest possible bets. Therefore in order to help players make this happen with one click of a button, netent has added the max bet option in all its pokies. Instead of clicking on the spin button after each round, players can opt to click on the max bet button whereby the game will automatically take into consideration the maximum bet lines and maximum bet level available within the game. In this manner, players will not have to manually select the bet level and bet lines. But if on the other hand, the player has manually selected the bet type but does not desire to click on the spin or max bet button after each round, then the auto play is also a good option. By selecting this, the game will spin a number of pre-determined times one after another while the player sits back and reaps the rewards.