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Blood Suckers is yet another of the popular pokies which allow players to reap the benefits of online gaming. Through the constant increase and popularity of online casinos, players are now able to play online casino pokies which have been created and developed by some of the leasing online gaming provider in the industry. So much so, that Blood Suckers itself is one of the games which have been created by the Netent pokies creators.

Play Blood Suckers Now for Free

In order to play pokies online players would need to locate the right casino for them which provide players the choice of the games which attract them the most. In the case of the Netent pokies, they provide high state of the art pokies which make use of the most extensive animation, graphics and sound effects. These factors add to the entertainment and fun which make these online video slots and slots so popular. Each of their games is unique in its own right providing exclusive themes and characters and symbols which complements those exact same themes. Players may choose to play Blood Suckers based on its theme which revolves around vampires who have escaped their coffins and are feeding on helpless damsels. Among the characters and symbols a player may find when it comes time to play Blood Suckers are included a series of vampire figures, wooden bloody stakes, garlic, tomb stones, vampire brides and many more.

In order to have a reference to the best character combinations within the reels, players may refer to the pay table which is located within the pokie itself. But the highest combination payout is that of the vampires while the lowest is that of the garlic symbols. Although this may sound as a somewhat gory theme, the game is fun and entertaining none the less thanks to the unique features and bonus games which enable players to play Blood Suckers in an interesting environment. Not only ill these features ensure a worthwhile and awarding sensation, but they also provide online casino players the chance to practice and try out the game beforehand in free mode. Online casinos such as Party Casino and Spin Palace casino offer their advantage pokies online with the ability to play with a substantial amount of free credit. And the ability to play Blood Suckers in this method is no exception.

To play Blood Suckers in either free or real mode, players would need to locate the online casino which provides it. Once this has been done and the game is opened up players will be able to play Blood Suckers with five reels, three rows and twenty five bet lines. A player is then given the choice of selecting the bet lines he wishes to play Blood Suckers with which range between one and twenty five and the bet levels which range between one and four at a pre-determined coin value. In order to ensure that players play Blood Suckers in a more user friendly environment, Netent have also provided a series of options such as Max Bet and Auto play. These can either enable the maximum bet lines and bet level automatically by simply clicking n the max bet button located next to the Spin button, or simply pre-select a series of automated spins which will save time for the player by not needing to click on the spin button after every single round.

Among the standard features which may be found while players play Blood Suckers include the wild substitutions, scatter wins and free spins. But in order to play Blood Suckers in a more unique method, Netent have also included additional features which can only be found within this game. This includes the mini off the reel vampire bonus game. In order to play Blood Suckers free spins, players would need to spin the reels and reveal three or more scatter symbols. With the first three scatter symbols the player can play Blood Suckers with ten free spins and any additional scatter symbols will add ten more free spins to those. But it is important to note that no matter the total number of free spins, these are played at the same bet level and bet lines as the spin which activated the free spins feature in the first place. The bet line wins are then triples with the exception of additional free spin wins. All winnings are then totalled at the end of the feature and added to the players’ balances before they are returned to play Blood Suckers in the main game.

On the other hand, in order to play Blood Suckers’ bonus game, players would need to spin three or more bonus symbols in succession on an active bet line. These symbols must appear on the leftmost reel to the right. Once this occurs, players will be diverted to a separate screen which will reveal a chamber with a series of coffins. The objective of the player is to select any one of these coffins in the hopes of killing a vampire which is still located within the coffins. Once this has been done, each slain vampire will reveal a bonus amount. But a player must be aware that not all coffins contain vampires as some may be empty.

When this occurs, bats will fly out of the coffin and the player is then diverted to play Blood Suckers main reels again. The bonus coins which are won with each slain vampire are in direct proportion to the bet level and number of bonus symbols which appeared in the spin which activated the bonus game in the first place. The maximum number of bonus coins which can be won in a single play Blood Suckers bonus game is 20,320. Therefore it is recommended that in order to achieve the highest bonus wins, players must play at the highest bet level and bet lines. All winnings achieved from the mini off the reel vampire bonus game is then totalled at the end of the game and added to players’ balances automatically and immediately.