Play Boom Brothers

Boom Brothers Screenshot

As is the case with most Netent pokies (as well as with other providers such as the Playtech pokies and Microgaming pokies) each one of their video slots and slots comprise of an individual theme and characters and symbols which relate to that team. Thanks to their originality and the fact that no two games are alike, players will be able to play online casino pokies that suit them the most based on the individual themes and features. Boom Brothers is one such pokie whose originality and fun entertainment have made the play pokies online worthwhile and enjoyable at the same time. Based on the story line of three brothers whose main objective in life is to blast rock faces in search of precious stones, players are now able to travel through the mines in search of bonus amounts. With each successful spin of the reels, players are able to access features such as wild substitutions, free spins, scatter wins and of course the exclusive Boom Brothers’ second chance feature, railtrack feature and of the reel mini bonus game.

Play Boom Brothers Now for Free

Online casinos players are able to play Boom Brothers in any form which suits them; whether it is trying out the game for the first time in free mode, or playing with their actual balanced in real mode. But no matter the form in which it is selected, players will play Boom Brothers in the exact same way and will expect the same features in both.

This means that although one is played with virtual money and the other with real money, the setup, extraordinary animation and graphics and sound effects will remain constant throughout. For starters to play Boom Brothers, players must be aware that it is a video slot which comprises of five reels and three rows with the possibility of selecting between one and twenty bet lines at different bet levels ranging from one to ten at a pre-selected coin value. Among the characters and symbols one can expect to find within its reels include metal busts of the boom brothers themselves, lanterns, axes and other equipment related to mining. In order to fully understand the payout combinations and how to play Boom Brothers, players may relate to the paytable which is available within the game itself and may be accessed at any time. This will enable players to play Boom Brothers at a level which suits them the most. But they must be made aware that the higher the bets, the higher the winnings. This is the case with the free spins and mini bonus game. In order to play Boom Brothers free spins, these are activated when three or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels during the main game.

In order to determine the total number of free spins won, each one of the symbols will rotate automatically and add up to a total number of free spins won ranging between eight and fifty. But additional free spins may still be won during the free spins feature itself whenever the free spins symbols appear anywhere on reels 3, 4 and 5. But no matter the total number of free spins won, these allow the players to play Boom Brothers free spins at the same bet level and lines as the spin which activated them in the first place. All winnings obtained are then tripled and totalled and added to the players’ balances at the end of the feature before returning to play Boom Brothers’ main reel game.

An additional feature which allows for the play Boom Brothers to be more interesting is the railtrack feature which can lead to the mini off the reel bonus game. In order to play Boom Brothers railtrack feature, three railtrack symbols must appear on any bet line on reels 1, 2 and 3. These will then automatically align and set the last two reels re-spinning in the hopes of completing the railtrack. The reels will continue to spin for as long as a railtrack appears. If this is not the case then the re-spinning will stop and the player is diverted back to the main game. But not all is lost without rewards. The play Boom Brothers railtrack feature with only three tracks with the last two missing will reward winnings at a multiplier of two; four tracks will award at a multiplier of three and of course with all tracks completed the player will receive their bets multiplied by four and an ability to play Boom Brothers bonus game. When this has been successfully completed, then players will be diverted to a separate screen for the bonus game. This will reveal three parallel tracks where each one of the boom brothers is located within his own cart. Each one of their tracks leads to a rock face full of precious stones such as rubies, gold and diamonds.

At the bottom of the screen are located three additional carts and it is up to the player to select any one of these carts per turn to reveal a precious stone within. This is where the main play Boom Brothers bonus game takes place. This will allow for players to fully take advantage pokies online have to offer through the winning of bonus coins. The brother whose track leads to the corresponding precious stone will move a maximum of three steps per turn and the first one to reach his rock face and claim the stones will reveal a total bonus amount won by the players. All winnings are then totalled and added to players’ balances before they are diverted back to play Boom Brothers’ main game.

As one can see Boom Brothers has a lot to offer and the second chance play is no exception to the endless possibilities of winning large amounts when one is to play Boom Brothers. The Second chance feature may appear at any given time when an unsuccessful spin takes place with no winning bet line. This means that as soon as this happens one of the actual boom brothers will appear and throw a dynamite stick at one of the reels. This will set it re-spinning giving players an additional chance in obtaining a winning bet line.