Play Ghost Pirates

Ghost Pirates Screenshot

With the passing of time, online casinos have accepted a wide range of players allowing them to access and play online casino pokies. Thanks to the variety and wide list of such games, players can now be ensured that they will be able to find a game which suits them the most. But in order to make this choice easier, providers such as the Netent pokies, have included a series of games based on different themes and have included features which allow for a worthwhile environment of online casino pokies.

Play Ghost Pirates Now for Free

To play Ghost Pirates players will have to be made aware that this is a video slot which comprises of five reels and two hundred and forty three ways to win. A play has the chance to play Ghost Pirates in a series of ways ranging from 3, 9, 27, 81 and 243 bet ways and at a bet level from one to five at a pre-determined coin value. As is the case with all Netent pokies, players get to choose and play pokies online based on the theme which attracts them the most. Each of their pokies comprises of an individual and exclusive theme which cannot be found in any other game. So is the case that no two games are the same whether they are Microgaming pokies, Playtech pokies or otherwise. In the case of this video slot, players can play Ghost Pirates which is based on the theme of a ghost ship whose pirates provide players with the possibility of winning various bonus amounts.

Among the characters and symbols which players can hope to combine include the pirates Peggy Rotten whose symbol can accumulate the highest payout, One-eyed Bill, mad monkey, Polly the parrot and symbols such as treasure chests, machetes, cannons, flasks, treasure maps and anchors which produce the lowest payouts. For further reference on how to play Ghost Pirates and the payout ratios, players may refer to the pay table which is available within the game itself. But it is important to note that the payouts are in direct conjunction with the bet ways chosen. So is the case with the free spins and bonus amounts.

Therefore it is suggested that the more a player’s bets when he is to play Ghost Pirates, the higher the wins available. In fact the ability to play in a more user friendly environment allows the play Ghost Pirates to utilise such options as Max Bet and Auto Play. The Max bet option enables players to automatically take into consideration the maximum bet level and bet ways possible per spin. This means that players would need to select the max button instead of the spin button whenever they want the reels to spin. But in order to avoid clicking on either the max bet button or spin button after each and every single round, players can opt for the auto play option. This will allow players to pre-select a number of spins which will automatically set the reels spinning on their own. Once the reels stop spinning (either because there is no more credit left or because the turns have ended), the player can either choose to top up their accounts to enable more spins or simply chance the setting to allow for less bets per spin.

Netent has ensured that every single one of its pokies – and mainly its video slots – allow players to play online casino pokies with a series of features which allow for higher wins providing the chance to win large bonus amounts. Among these features are included the standard wild substitutions, scatter wins and free spins. But here are also some additional features such as is the case when players play Devil’s Delight or play Boom Brothers that allow them to enter off the reel mini bonus games and utilise features such as sticky wins or second chances. In the case where a player is to play Ghost Pirates, such additional features are unavailable. But the advantage pokies online such as this one do provide is the high rates of the wins and the possibility of achieving high payouts in a limited amount of time. In the meantime, in order to play Ghost Pirates free spins, players would need to achieve three or more scatter symbols in the form of a treasure chest anywhere on the reels.

The total number of free spins will be determined depending on the bet ways utilised when one is to play Ghost Pirates. In the case that players play Ghost Pirates in 3, 9, 27 or 81 bet ways, they will win ten free spins with three scatter symbols, twenty free spins with four scatter symbols and twenty free spins with five scatter symbols. In the case where players play Ghost Pirates in 243 bet ways then they will be awarded fifteen free spins with three scatter symbols, twenty free spins with four scatter symbols and twenty five free spins with five scatter symbols. The wild symbols will substitute any of the symbols including the scatter symbols. It is important to note that no matter the number of free spins won, players are to play Ghost Pirates free spins at the same bet level as the round which activated them in the first place. All winnings obtained from this feature are then multiplied by three and are totalled at the end of the game and awarded to the player before he is diverted back to the main game to play Ghost Pirates.

It is understandable that there may be some players who may have never attended to play Ghost Pirates before. Therefore one of the greatest advantages which online casinos have to offer their players nowadays is the ability to play these pokies for free. This means that without the need to necessarily own a casino account, players can access and play Ghost Pirates with a substantial amount of free credit in hand. This will allow for players to acquaint themselves with the game before committing to real money play. Therefore a firsthand look at the game prior to creating an account will allow players to better understand the method the online pokie providers have created this popular game.