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With the advancement of technology and the growing demand for new and innovative games in the online gaming industry, online pokies providers have created and developed new ways with which players are able to play online casino pokies. Through a series of various reel types, animation and state of the art graphics, players can easily access the pokies of their choice and play them in either real mode or free mode.

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Each one of the pokies available within online casinos has their own theme and characters within their reels. Therefore by taking this into consideration, a player will realise that no two pokies are alike and can therefore base their choice of games on the theme and features which attract them the most. Some of the leading online gaming providers of pokies include those of Netent – Net Entertainment, Playtech and Microgaming pokies. Among the many pokies available created by Netent, these are clearly divided between slots and video slots. The main difference between the two is the fact that standard slots resemble the classic fruit machines in the way in which they are presented and the method in which they are played. Players will come to expect symbols such as fruit, BAR and jokers. This is the case in the example when one is to play Mega Joker and other similar games.

On the other hand, video slots are more complex in their creation and utilise more detailed animation in their environment. So much so, that games such as Gonzo’s Quest includes the interaction of the characters within the pokie. Therefore when is to play Gonzo’s Quest they will come to expect a series of interactive animation which adds to the fun factor of the game making it rewarding in every sense. In order to fully understand how to play Gonzo’s Quest and its unique features, it is suggested that players access it in free mode in order to try out and better acquaint themselves with this unique pokie. While players play Gonzo’s Quest they will be immersed in Gonzo’s world whose main quest is to find the long lost Aztec treasure. In fact while a player is to play Gonzo’s quest they will come across a series of symbols which relate to Aztec figures. For further information on the best possible combinations and their payouts, players may refer to the pay table available within the pokie itself.

Through the use of five reels and three rows, online casino players are able to play Gonzo’s Quest by selecting from a series of bet levels ranging between one and five at a pre-determined coin value while the twenty bet lines remain fixed. Unlike any other of the Netent pokies, players are able to play pokies online such as this one in a new and innovative way which differs from the standard reels of any slot machine. Through the use of specialised features, players are also able to play Gonzo’s Quest with a series of bonus abilities which include the wild substitutions, scatter wins and free spins. However during the time players play Gonzo’s Quest, they will also come across some exclusive features which are only available within this particular game. These are referred to as the Avalanche feature and the free falls.

The wild symbols will substitute any of the other symbols for as long as they appear in reels 2, 3 and 4. The Avalanche feature while one is to play Gonzo’s quest refers to the method in which the reels are spun. Instead of having the normal spinning, these reels will fall into their position from above. Each time there is a winning bet line, this will automatically trigger the Avalanche feature which means that new symbols will fall into place replacing the winning line which would have exploded into place. This is turn will allow for players to play Gonzo’s Quest for a second chance of winning large sums. For as long as there is a continuous winning bet line, the Avalanche feature will continue. Each time the Avalanche feature is triggered, the multiplier will increase simultaneously up to a maximum of five until no more winning bet lines are revealed and the multiplier returns back to one.

This feature however can also be played while players play Gonzo’s Quest free falls. In this case the multiplier can reach up to a maximum of fifteen. In order to activate and play Gonzo’s Quest free falls, these free fall symbols must only appear on reels 1, 2 and 3. With every three free fall symbols the players will receive ten free falls which are independent from the bet line played. But it is important to note that these free falls which are also referred to as free spins in other pokies, will be played at the same bet level as the spin which activated them in the first place. All winnings obtained when one is to play Gonzo’s Quest free falls will be totalled and added to players’ balances at the end of the feature before returning back to the main reel game. But it is important to note that the opportunity to win additional free falls is also possible within the feature by spinning three free fall symbols.

In order to allow players to play Gonzo’s Quest in a more user friendly environment, Netent has included a series of options which allow for faster and easier game play. These options include the auto play button as well as the max bet option. The auto play will enable players to automatically set up a number of pre-determined spins without them having to click on the spin button after each round. The number os such spins will depend on the available credit and the level at which the player is playing. Should the spins automatically stop then players would need to top up their accounts in order to play for longer. On the other hand, if the player’s desire is to win the largest amounts, they would need to make the highest possible bets. In order to make this option easier, the Max bet button (which is located right next to t spin button) will automatically take into consideration the maximum bet level and the coin value desired by the player.