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From the series of pokies which are now made available online, players are bound to find variations which can suit all needs and desires. In fact, such is the case, that online casinos offer their players the opportunity to play online casino pokies by selecting the various categories in which they have been placed. They are able to seek out and play pokies online which are sometimes referred to as video slots, classic slots and progressive jackpot pokies. Classic online casino slots have been created to imitate the classic fruit machines which were first introduced within land based casinos having simple symbols such as various fruit and liberty bells. On the other hand, video slots with a vast collection of graphics and animations allowing their players to interact with the characters within their reels. Jackpot pokies can be found in either the classic slot machines or the video slots. In fact, one of the Netent pokies which are worth describing is that of Mega Joker which combines both the classic fruit machine and the jackpot pokie.

Play Mega Joker Now for Free

To begin with, Netent has been given players the chance to play mega Joker thanks to the collaboration is has with a series of online casinos. These casinos will in turn provide players with the chance to play Mega Joker in either real or free mode depending on the choice of the player. But one of the most important factors that make this game popular is the ability to play Mega Joker in the hopes of winning the progressive jackpot which it includes. A progressive jackpot refers to the term that the jackpot amount is always increasing with each time that a player is to play Mega Joker in real mode; a percentage of players’ actual money bets will be added to the jackpot amount.

This is the reason why whenever players play Mega Joker, they are witnessing the jackpot constantly increasing. But one important factor which players who play Mega Joker must be made aware of and that is the fact that although the game is being offered in free mode whereby players can try out all the features within this pokie, access to the jackpot may only be made when players play Mega Joker in real mode. The reason for this is simple. As one begins to play Mega Joker in free mode, a substantial amount of free credit is immediately and automatically allocated to the game at its commencement. Any winnings which are then obtained while the players is to play Mage Joker is only added to the already available free credit and may not be cashed out or transferred to an existing casino account. Although this may be the case, players who play Mega Joker (no matter the mode) will feel a sense of nostalgia for the old classic machines and will be able to play in the same method as the ones which were commonly used in land based casinos. As is the case with all Netent pokies, players who play Mega Joker will come to expect a particular theme which is exclusive to that particular pokie.

In the case of this game, the theme is simple as its name suggests and includes symbols such as jokers, and the standard fruit like cherries, lemons, watermelons, liberty bells, and treasure chests among others. In order to supply players with information on how to play Mega Joker through the various symbol combinations, the online machine itself will indicate the highest possible winning combinations and the method in which players can win the jackpot. When one is to enter and play Mega Joker, they will notice that the machine is divided into two. The bottom part is the main reel game where players can play Mega joker for the chance of entering the supermeter mode which is located on the top half of the machine. But before being able to explain on how to play Mega Joker supermeter mode, players must first understand the setup of this online pokie.

To play Mega Joker, players would need to place bets with a series of coin values listed on the side of the online pokie. The bets can be place on any number of bet lines available within Mega Joker which range between one and five lines and three reels. The coin values on the other hand can either be one or ten during the main game. If a players is to play Mega Joker at bet one, only bet line one is active and the wins are automatically collected. When this is done and three jokers appear on a bet line then the player will win a mystery amount between ten and two hundred coins.

If on the other hand however the player is to play Mega Joker with at bet ten, then all five lines are active and when three jokers appear the player will win a mystery amount between twenty and four hundred coins. But as is the case with any other online pokie, the more a player bets when it comes time to play Mega Joker, the higher the wins. In fact, in the case of players who play Mega Joker, the highest bet is required for them to enter the supermeter mode. In order to aid players in placing this bet in a more user friendly manner, this pokie also include the max bet option. This option will allow players to play Mega Joker with the maximum possible bet lines possible.

To enter and the Mega Joker supermeter mode, the max bet would need to trigger a win. Players then have the chance to select a coin value of twenty, forty, one hundred or two hundred coins and all five bet lines are automatically activated. As this happens the top part of the slot machine will light up and credit will be transferred to this part of the pokie. Any time a player wishes to exit the supermeter mode and the Mega Joker main game they may simply click on collect and the amount is returned to the main balance. When one is to play supermeter mode, the more the jokers which appear on a winning bet line, the higher the coins which can be won up to a maximum of two thousand. But in order for players to play and win the progressive jackpot, this may only be done during the main game where it is drawn at random.